love notes

it's not everyday that someone writes me a love note so when i get one i cherish it forever, even if it's from a girl who is professing her feelings for me, my mom, or a total creep...a love note is a love note! here are some of my favorite love notes that readers have sent me about my blog! some are from strangers, some from friends, and most my mother lol joke (she can't read my blog without needing a therapy session) if it wasn't for you i would be the only one reading my blog, so thank you love you!

feel free to send me love notes they make me happy! insults make me laugh too, so whatever i just like getting mail. nobody wants to feel like the kid in class who never got a valentine card so the teacher had to make a fake "secret admirer" card. although fake love notes work too, like i said i just like opening mail :)

(this was a real message sent to me!!)

"i love your blog!"

"hey jacqui, I've read some of your blog post and must say that I'm quite impressed. just reading, i can hear your voice as if we were having a conversation. i certainly can relate on some of your thoughts (obviously since i'm not a female)."

"i passed your blog along to my friends, they fell in love with you and want to take you out for drinks" 

"wiggling is not twerking" (that was not a love note but it made me laugh so it works, what a douche bag it was a twerk


 my goodness, asshole!)

"you're def a blogger, writing is your thing...dope"

"was just reading and laughing at your blog and how cool it was, good shit. well done"

"just read your blog! love it and love you even more!"

"what up! just read ur last blog, i really like it and think every guy should read it. sometimes guys forget, lose their touch, or just need a reminder. i think after most guys read this, they'll wanna go out and do that little something special for the one they're with. you're going places!!!!"

"darling your blog by far is the most interesting and enlighten one that i have read in a while. your chivalry piece got me through my lunch. it was funny, witty, and real. keep up the good work :) "

"dude i don't know how u manage to make cry every time! i love you jacqui!"

"holla, amazing....


 i can't stop laughing"

"you're hysterical"

"you're too funny!!!! lol at the lactose intolerant part" 

"lol....freaking hilarious!!!! you're awesome boo" 

"love! keep 'em coming, i love your honesty"

"giggled the entire way thru it's hilarious" 


"i've bookmarked ur it"

"lmao, i'm officially a follower of your blog. preach on girlfriend. *two snaps and a hair flip*"

"such great and funny writing i love it!!!!"

"guaranteed laugh!"

"i love your blogs!!!!"

"ummmm you already know this're awesome"

"dope entries!"

"loved the post on chivalry. chivalry is not dead, this i promise! but as you stated above the definition of what chivalry is has faded over time, so thank you for this post i think it sheds some nice light on the topic"

"will you marry me? really whenever you're ready. i just want to marry you and wear converse"

"finally read your blog. it's great! made me laugh and smile. "i was lucky anyone had a crush on me" hahaha....girl, i share the same feeling" 

"not sure how i stumbled upon your blog but you had me cracking up!!!! keep posting please!!!"

"you're funny as hell! i'm seriously considering learning how to twerk bc of your blog!"

ox jls