my favorite meal of the week

i live for brunch! it is without a doubt my most favorite meal time! if i could brunch daily i would, like most countries have siestas in the middle of the day if i ruled the world i would have mandatory daily brunches! i mean who doesn't love an event that revolves around champagne and day light?? each brunch is different and i love them all, it really just depends on what you're looking for and who you are going with. some brunches you don't notice the food because you're too busy dancing on tables, while others serve you foods you can't even pronounce and make you feel very important.              

i've experienced quite a number of brunches in my day:

yotel: the no filter brunch party! $40 all you can eat and drink! you need to go to yotel with an open mind and just ready to pump your fist and get your ass tapped by one of the many drag queens there! yotel is a place to step out of your comfort zone and welcome your alter ego. i went here for my birthday not knowing what to expect and left there with new friends and pretty intoxicated! it's very euro and a lot of gay boys which i love!! since everyone there is paying $40 for unlimited food and drinks we ended up sharing drink swith the table next to us. at one point we only had one pitcher left so we did what any drunk group of strangers would do while listening to off!! yup we had a gay guys vs straight girls dance team did not win, those boys had moves! our dance off inspired a rip the runway type thing! people literally got up from their tables and started walking the "runway" aka parading around tables bringing their best moves with them! the food was decent and you have 4 different drink selections that are brought out in pitchers. my suggestion is to order everything! why not!
yotel - 42nd street and 10th avenue
saturday - 11-5 (last seating 3pm); sunday - 11-6 (last seating 4pm)
$40 - all you can eat and drink!!
best for big groups! ladies day! birthday party!

prana: the trendy brunch party! dress to impress and get ready to feel so "new york", make sure to make your reservations! when you go to prana you are dressing at 12pm as if you were going out for a night out on the town on 12am! the second you walk into prana you feel that much cooler and you have the sudden urge to "check-in" on twitter! the earlier you get there the calmer (i use that term lightly) it is, so if you are actually attempting to sit down, eat, and engage in conversation with your party i would get there between 12-2pm so you can get all that done then party! from what i remember (another word i will use lightly) around 3pm the dj pumped up the volume, the food went away, and we were up on tables fist pumping with glow sticks and having shots poured down our mouth! yep that sounds about right. the food was ok, nothing too crazy but who cares we partied our asses off! the drinks during our meal didn't come as fast as we would have liked but we nipped that in the ass early and made sure we chugged our champagne every time we saw our waitress to ensure a refill.  also, being a group of attractive fun ladies we made friends quickly and our new friends spoiled us with drinks. ahhh the beauty of having hot fun friends!
prana - 28th street and madison avenue
saturday and sunday - 12-7pm
$38 - bottomless drinks (bellinis, mimosas, screwdrivers, bloody marys)
best for a birthday party! groups! ladies day! guys day! 

apt 78: the casual fun (sometimes turned party) brunch! this is my cheers of brunches, a place where everyone knows my name! apt 78 is a small restaurant lounge uptown that is always a guaranteed good time, so refreshing! apt 78 brunch is perfect for every occasion and any group. the service is great and the staff is so attentive, there is no doubt that you will walk out of there knowing all of the staff and be greeted with a hug the next time you go (because you will go back). there is always music playing and people ready to dance, which is why most times about time you're done eating and chatting with your party there is a dance party going on around you that you will most likely join and you'll probably end up spending your whole day here! apt 78 is great because you can actually sit and talk while you eat and enjoy your company! while they serve unlimited mimosas with your brunch, please note they have the worlds most amazing sangria that taste like heaven but makes you do things that will put you in hell! you can read my brunch bounce post to read/see more about how things can go down with the apt 78 crew.
apt 78 - 191st street and broadway
sunday - 11-4pm
$19.95 - prie fix menu (1 app and 1 entree) with unlimited mimosas 
great for groups! families! dates! 

x2o: the classy brunch! x20 is the reason i put this post together. i stumbled upon this gem last sunday and was beyond surprised by this discovery. x20 is literally right on the water in yonkers waterfront, so already you have an amazing view! when i saw the price ($38) i was not that thrilled being i usually go to a $20-$25 brunch (apt 78) not to mention the menu was kind of intimidating (seemed fancy, all i wanted was french toast and that wasn't there) but there was unlimited champagne so....sold! it was worth a shot it looked beautiful and i could easily drink $38 in champagne and make it worth the money! i walk in and blown away by the beauty inside which was followed up with remarkable service by all of the staff. each person inside x2o made you feel special then you looked around and the fanciness and you felt pretty damn special yourself. not to mention it's so much fun to doll up not for a night out but for a classy daytime event! so as you sit there feeling like the chick from breakfast at tiffany's sipping on your champagne glass (that they never for a second leave empty) a waiter comes around offering you different bread and muffin options (this goes on throughout the whole meal) and the whole time you are at your table another waiter comes around several times giving you samples of their dinner entrees (coconut shrimp, lamb chops, mushroom raviolis...). when you're done with your 3 course meal you can take your champagne with you to the terrace and take in the gorgeous view of the hudson! i left there stuffed, buzzed, and feeling like a million bucks!
x20 - grant street (yonkers waterfront)
sunday - 12pm (last seating at 2pm)
$38/ 3 course meal, unlimited champagne, and samples of the dinner menu
great for a special occasion! a date! bridal shower! girls day!

keep brunching folks! and if you find a great spot please let me know i'll love you forever!