with over seven years of sales experience it's no wonder i'm told i could sell water to a whale. for years i spent countless hours in the office mastering the art of sales, customer service, marketing, and event planning. never in my life would i have thought sales would be my "thing" i always dreamed of talking for a living, but when you take my gift of gab and put a product in my hand you can guarantee a sale. the product doesn't even have to be tangible for me to be able to sell it! i can sell a service, an idea, an event, anything! i'm no car salesman though, i hate them with all their lies and deception. see, me, i am a people person. what does that have to do with anything? everything! people take a liking to me because they trust me and when the person buying from you trust in you, well the possibilities are endless. i build genuine relationships with all my customers so not only are they calling me to place an order they reach out just to say hi, and that there is the foundation for a very successful partnership. 

feel free to contact me at jacqueline@thesecretosingle.com about business inquiries. including but not limited to:

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