vicktery and justin


Here it is....

Justin and I met as fall 2010 interns at the U.S. State Department in Washington, DC. It was the first day of my internship and, of course, I was lost! I got on the elevator and there he was – this handsome man with beautiful brown eyes. Everyone knows that a good-looking man in a suit is my weakness! I asked for directions to the exit and he kindly walked me out. The next day, I discovered that we worked in the same office! You can just imagine my joy.  After that day, we were inseparable. Every day we had lunch and would even walk out at the end of the day together. Finally, one day I asked him for his number. That night, we never stopped texting – it went on all night. There was an instant connection! After a couple of failed attempts, we finally had our first date. We saw the most romantic movie ever (not!)…Paranormal Activity 2. After a couple of months, we became even more inseparable.  But, the semester was coming to an end and Justin had to go back to Alabama to finish his graduate degree. Due to our busy lives and other circumstances, we decided to leave it off as friends. A few weeks later, while I was in Guatemala, he left me a voicemail saying we should keep things going. Three weeks later, on January 23, 2011, we were official. And a few weeks later, I flew to Alabama to spend our first Valentine’s Day together. It was magical! Ever since that day, we have completed each other. We have grown together and I cannot imagine my accomplishments without him by side. Even our parents recognize that we've supported each other and gone to new heights together. Our love keeps growing every day! This summer we are moving in together and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Asking him for his number was the best decision I ever made.