sheena and george


I guess according to most people I don't have the most romantic love story.  Me and my husband met online, we talked for about a month before I decided to take a chance and meet him. The way I look at things you could meet a crazy person anywhere these days, but there was something about him that had me curious to get to know him more. I was a single mom with two kids and did everything on my own. I had a bitterness towards men because of my situation and what I watched my mom go through. I remember praying that god would bless me with a good man, not so much for my kids but just so I could have someone there, someone I know I can count on and build a friendship with. This man is more than I could ask for, he’s heaven sent! Yes we have our problems but he truly completes me in every sense! He shows me and my kids what real love is, he has stepped up and been a father to my kids no questions asked. In my heart I have the perfect love story because I truly believe God sent me this man.