samara and david

This should be interesting to many. My fiancé and I met when we were serving in the United States Marine Corps. I did NOT speak to him for the first month since his arrival to my unit. At that time we were married to our not-so-significant  other. You may ask"then why were you married to them?"  Honestly that is a story for some other time..... May 2010, we deployed to Arizona for training. This is when I Really noticed him. I thought man, this guy looks good!  I actually made the first move!  We became friends fairly quickly. By this time, our marriages had been going down by the wayside. My spouse moved to NY while I stayed in NC. His spouse lived in NY and never moved down to NC. Even though we were legally separated, we were still married and that was enough grounds to prohibit us as per military law from seeing each other.  We continued to see each other. I became pregnant and lost our first child together...I soon after started pre deployment training.  October 2010. David and I both deployed with our unit to Afghanistan. Even in Afghanistan, they prohibited us from seeing each other.  They went as far as ordering a Military Protection Order(MPO) against the both of us. An MPO is a military version of a restraining order. We were not allowed to communicate by any means. That includes email, letters or via third person. How cruel is that?!  David and i were deeply in love. I never experienced anyone keeping me away from the one I love, especially as a 24 yr old!  A week before heading back to the US. David and I sneaked at night to a phone booth to contact our parents. We were letting them know that we were coming home. That night, we were caught walking together heading back to our tents.  We were in deep trouble.....long story short, we arrived to the US, I spent my birthday with my parents in the worst possible way. I was restricted to my squadron, chow hall and barracks. I wasn't even allowed to workout at the gym. By mid summer, David and I were informed that we were being separated from the corps. I became pregnant again and gave birth in NY on February 2012. Many thought our relationship wouldn't last. We fell in love so quickly and experienced such a huge obstacle that made it that much harder to be together and in love. We think back and wonder what we would have done differently and honestly we still would gave been in the service, but chances are we wouldn't be together today. For those that thought our love was just a fling or lust, well they're wrong. Today David and I are still together in love and with a beautiful healthy daughter.  It was hard, but we made it out and still able to say we're successful. Oh and by the way, David proposed to me February 2011 in Afghanistan. We're still thinking of a destination wedding, but we haven't set a date yet. This is my love story and how love conquers All!