melissa and jason

The Story…..

Go back in time, to ya know the 90’s and back to (my) high school days. Sitting in a class taught by a substitute teacher whom nobody was paying attention to and I spotted Jason and proceeded to kick my version of game. He didn’t ask me out but instead asked me when I was going to take HIM to the movies. I fell for it and we dated for a few months and then Jae went to college and I moved on. No high school sweethearts no infamous prom pics, nada. Fast forward maybe a year or so and I receive a letter from Jae asking how I was and can we catch up? So we did and that was all. He became a friend, someone to entertain me and hang with. We didn’t move past the friendship except for a few pecks here and there. Somewhere along the way, maybe 2003 we discovered that are friendship was pretty awesome, he was my dude and I loved what we had. We would talk endlessly and we rediscovered each other in a way we couldn’t at the age of 18. I was “unavailable” at the time but that didn’t stop me from telling Jae everything and anything and talking to him a few times a day…before texting became the way of communication! By March 2004 I was smitten but of course couldn’t admit that being that I was “unavailable”. On my birthday May 2004 Jae told me he was “addicted” his way of telling me he was in love with me. I still couldn’t admit what I felt but a week later I told him I felt the same. Fast forward again I made myself become available and we started dating again. It was a hard first year because even though we were friends it was now something more, with a title and new “rules”. We argued, we broke up, we had the movie star moment where he kicks me out and I leave but then go back at the same time he’s walking out to find me. We figured we waited this long to find each other why give up so easy? I was anti marriage and he wasn’t in a rush so we were basically perfect for each other, plus I knew all his deep dark secrets so blackmail was always another option! We went to Vegas in 2007 I think and I caught the marriage bug and I proposed, now this is where the story twists because if Jae wrote this, he would say this is a LIE, but give me a lie detector test and I will pass! So while in Vegas, I say lets get married, he says only if you propose, so I get on bended knee, say some words and he looks down on me and says “are you serious” and at that moment I almost got myself 25 years to life for murder! I got up and said forget it and we did until 2008 when my mother was getting married. Me and Jae said why don’t we just get married, no ring lets just have a party, so we tried to plan and in one day realized neither of us wanted that. I didn’t want to be the psycho bride and he didn’t want to be the asshole fiancée. We discussed it and told everyone we decided to wait another year, all the while planning to just do city hall. April 2009 on Good Friday we did just that. Went to City Hall and tied the knot. It was the best day of my life, we did it our way, no family and peace and quiet, and we married for love not for anyone’s approval. We are now approaching our five year wedding anniversary and when I look back, I honestly couldn’t see my life without him. Even though he makes me crazy, makes me think about murder, makes me cry, makes me laugh and most importantly makes me wanna cook. He makes me wanna be a better woman, not just for him but for myself. He’s made my dreams come true and he still remains above everything else my best friend. He is my true love.