luck of the irish, kind of...

i survived week two of the nfl season and passed a whole two episodes of candy crush. (which by the way wtf, every time i pass an "episode" i have to pay 99 cents to play the next round wtf?! so i have to pay for being awesome or be one of those beyond annoying people on facebook that sends candy crush help notes...bullshit!) so this week after extensive research aka googling "sexy nfl players" i came across this weeks love of my life george wilson on essence.  that gorgeous skin and those eyes...omg those beautiful eyes my lord i had no choice but to choose him it's like he was screaming "i love you jacqueline". with that i chose the tennessee titans to beat the houston (whatever their team name is) and i survived! now if you watched that game, follow football, or know more than me you're questioning my victory because houston won the game. let me explain...the cutoff time for these damn picks is 5pm friday and i made my selection at 2pm on saturday so i got "placed" with a team guess who houston!!! oh shit drama!! i got assigned a team that was playing against my sexy george wilson's team!! the whole game tennessee was up well actually i don't know if that's true but the one time my beau filled me in on the game they were up, so naturally i was pissed because that's who i picked. i sent an email to the host of the suicide pool letting him know yet again i picked tennessee and that something must have been wrong with his email (which was true i did send the email just after the cutoff time). then, the game went into overtime so i got nervous (well not really but i was envisioning the fight i was going to put up with the host because he "messed up").  but at the end of the game houston came out on top so now i had hope that the host didn't listen to me (the one time that would ever be okay for a guy not to listen to me). turns out he didn't but he did send me the following email:

"you have the luck of the irish. you picked tennessee but you didn't get the pick in on time so i assigned you the texans. tennessee lost and the texans won so you are still alive. and as a purely heterosexual male i will have to admit that the guy below is a stud. lol anyway try and get your pick in by friday 5pm (cutoff time) and find "studs" who play for the really good teams. lol. good luck."

oh my god that's the first time i actually read his email in its entirety and holy shit was it funny. he talks to me like i'm a five year old blonde, hilarious! he thinks i'm an idiot! let me say i'm not an idiot i'm a very smart girl i just don't have the desire to learn about football, it's not that i don't "get it".


thank you george for being so easy on the eyes, sorry you lost but don't worry sweetie you're still a looker! hmmm i should probably look for a light skinned sexy boy for next week unless my current (light skinned) beau is going to start questioning me and my attraction to him hahaha!