date n bake

so as you know i'm on this health kick haha not really! i just want to be skinny and have a nice ass, hence why i started the 30 day commitment challenge and signed up for crossfit. apparently, you have to combine a steady workout routine with healthy eating too, unbelievable!! eating healthy for me has found itself to be difficult over the past few years due to all my allergies, i'm legit allergic to all things healthy: a ton of fruits (apples, pears, plums, cherries...), soy (which is found in tons of healthy snacks), a load of nuts (luckily not all ;), sorry mom), dairy (which i still cheat and eat from time to time as long as there is a bathroom around me), and alcohol (lord help me)!! so as you can see it is a pain in the ass to live a healthy life under my conditions; however, the worst part of it all is dessert time. i love sweets, but to try and finding healthy sweets that i'm not allergic to is damn near impossible! but you try telling my hormones that i can't have sweets or that i can't have that brownie pms overrides allergies and will eventually be the death of me or at least i thought until bubble girl walked into my life!

well bubble girl has been in my life for a few years now, but her recipes are new to me! kait and me go way back, we are fashion world survivors! we gave our lives away to the glamorous world of fashion for years and funny enough said "to hell with you fashion world" at the same time to start a new life. a life of happiness, love, and passion!! for the few years we worked together i witnessed kait have several near death experiences due to food allergies (she has thirty, including: gluten, nuts, corn, eggs...). so after months of eating baked potatoes, bacon, and blueberries because of her fears of getting sick she decided to take matters into her own hands and started creating the yummiest, healthiest, purest, and did i mention yummy foods!

so when pms came banging down my door during my new "healthy life" phase i came banging down kait's door to save me and holy shit did she come through in the clutch!! my bubble girl made me a gluten free, allergen free, dairy free, vegan vanilla cream filled chocolate cupcake!! yup, she took a childhood favorite the hostess cupcake and made a special healthy version just for me!! i helped kait whip up this creation, well i liked the bowls clean which made doing the dishes easier (that's helping no?)! while i was licking bowls clean, she moved around the kitchen with ease and created these beauties! check out the recipe at and give it a try! this recipe is great for those with allergies, those who love baking, the health freaks and gym rats. kait's hubby, (who teaches three soul cycle classes in addition to meditation) counts his daily calorie intake and weighs his food on a scale prior to chowing down had a total food orgasm tasting these bad girls!

now for the fun part! kait, from bubble girl bakes has been so kind and offered to bake a batch of these "hostess with the mostest" cupcakes and they will be hand delivered to a lucky reader with a love note from the secret to single of course! sending flowers is so yesterday, send your lover, your mother, hell send yourself a batch of deliciousness by entering the date n bake contest!

here's what to you have to do:
1. go to instagram
2. follow @jlsolivan and @bubblegirlbakes
3. take a picture of your favorite sweet treat and hashtag #datenbake
4. share with your friends

monday, september 2 we will pick our lucky winner! the winner can have the treat delivered to them or the person of their choice (as long as it is nyc, so send this link to your partner for a little hint) with a personal love note that you can write or if you're not that smooth on paper...i got you!!

good luck and peace out while i eat another cupcake, great now i'm gonna eat a million because they're healthy!