commitment issues

my body decided to hit puberty at the age of 26 (like you've heard me bitch about before), fucking awesome! hello ass that i've always wished for but have no idea how to maintain. not to mention these new lady curves added new lady pounds in which i had no clue came with the "bam now you got a booty package". but enough complaining it's going on a year and it's time to do something about it, these are my peak years dammit! pre baby body, not that i'm preggo or even planning to get knocked up any time soon i'm just saying i should be freaking hot right now, like really freaking hot! so after months of whining about how unhappy i am with all my rolls, ass dimples, body shaking, and scale raising body issues i decided to take control and make a change (or at least attempt to). i get ridiculously bored at the gym and honestly all i know how to do is run, but running worked on "pre ass jacq" not "bam now you got an ass jacq" so it just seemed like a waste of time. i have spent endless amounts of money on all sorts of infomercial workout shit: p90x (which i did until my landlord thought i was dying),  jillian michael's 30 day shred (which i did for 20 weeks and i must say i saw results but got bored of working out alone), malibu pilates (which was a blast for a few days then just turned into a conversation piece and sofa in my apartment because i didn't see results) get the point. so i went on a hunt i needed something that would keep me engaged, get my ass in shape, and came with friends and the winner is: 


people that crossfit are obsessed, it's all they talk about and for me that was a great sign i want to get addicted to something that gives me a great ass. speaking of great asses one of my bff's told me to google "crossfit butts" good lord! i was sold! i was super hesitant to join because those crossfit folks also seemed psycho! crossfiting wherever they went! only speaking crossfit lingo! not to mention they all look like they can pick me up and toss me a solid 500 yards! but me being me i gravitated towards the crazy and signed up and purchased a month of unlimited crossfit over at 

cross fit hells kitchen


i am determined to do this and stick to it for 30 days! i want to go 4 times a week (my body has to rest no?) and actually stick to some sort of diet (


drink just water and cut out bread, pasta, and rice). i will track my progress throughout the month and pray that i stay committed and get a hot ass and remove some rolls along the way!

stay tuned!


step one figure out wtf all this shit is!