best dates of summer 2013

fall is in the air, the air is getting crisp at night and my curls are staying in place longer during the day. while autumn is my favorite of the four seasons i will definitely miss summer 2013! this summer love was in the air; it was full of family, friends, and quite a bit of romance. i have nothing but great memories to take with me from summer 2013 and let me tell you that is such a refreshing pinch myself, omg is this really real for real real??  and guess what

it is, all of the memories are real!! being i love you all so much i wanted to share with you my favorite dates from this summer and there is still time for you to go out and do them and make your own wonderful memories


fuerza bruta

anyone who follows me knows that i have become an official 

fuerza bruta

 promoter because i have been so many times! this show is a


 for everyone! the performers, the music, the lights, the water...create the most awesome dance party you've ever attended hands down! i can't say too much about the show without giving it away, just note that i have been well over three times with a different group each time and every single time i left amazed!! this is the perfect let loose fun date! go just the two of you are grab a group of friends regardless who you go with the memories will last a life time. i will suggest that you grab dinner and drinks before the show and make the show your last stop because after that you will be


 hurry up and get your tickets now because the shows last performance is at the end of september. **no joke they actually sent me an email with a promo code to share with my friends and family when i go. tickets are normally $79 on their website but if you go to 

broadway offers

, search fuerza bruta, and enter promo code FBFPC20  



movies under the stars

one of my favorite dates just because it's so darn cute! every summer, nyc host 

movies in the park all over the city you will find screenings of some of your favorite movies. pack your blanket, some snacks, and a bottle of wine to keep you comfortable while you cuddle up with your favorite person and watch a flick under the stars in a nyc park. this is such a cute, romantic, and inexpensive date! there are only a handful of movies left so get to it. now if you really want to up the cuteness and romantic bar listen closely: download a movie that your partner loves (or wants to see) on your laptop (or ipad, whatever just make sure your battery is charged), buy a meal or cook a meal (or a combo, you know those whole chickens they sell at the supermarket but that and cut it...i consider that cooking) and pack it to go, throw a blanket, drinks, and whatever else you might need to keep you comfortable in a bag. now that your bag is packed take a stroll to a park, waterfront, roof...whatever and set up shop for your own dinner and movie under the stars. ugh i can't even deal with how precious that it hence why it is by far one of my favorite dates of the summer. 


3. fire island getaway 

one of the best parts of the summer is fun in the sun! nyc doesn't really have a ton of beaches or a ton of nice beaches and they all seem so far away so why not make a day of it? this summer i made my first trip out to fire island and it was worth the 7am wake up call. yes, this is an all day adventure so easy on the booze the night before. this date felt like a mini vacation yet we were only gone for a few days. sometimes a few hours away from the city is just what us city folks need. pack your beach bag with all of the essentials: blankets, towels, change of clothes, sunscreen, magazines, books, music, and whatever else your beach bum heart desires. i live in westchester so i had to catch the 733am train to manhattan, from there i grabbed a breakfast sandwich while i waited for the 9am lirr train to sayville long island, luckily we had family friends who lived in that town and drove us to the ferry (but if you don't there are shuttle buses that take you to the ferry), once you're at the ferry port you have your choice of 4 different areas of the island you can go to (there is a family beach, a damn near empty beach, a nude beach, and a gay beach), the ferry ride itself is so peaceful and makes it feel like a real getaway, once you are off the ferry you've made it...enjoy your day away from the city madness. we spent our day at the family beach but before we left we walked the length of the beach and experienced it


! we spent all day on the beach then we hoped back on the ferry and had amazing seafood in the town before jumping on the train back to nyc! when we got home we had felt like we were gone for a weekend but in actuality it was just a day away, just what the doctor ordered!


4. biking on the hudson

confession i started the summer with a solo date bike riding along the hudson but this past weekend i went on a real date with a real person doing the same thing so it still counts for this post (thank you very much). this is such a fun date not to mention the amount of calories you burn (chicks love burning off calories). if you have your own bike great, if not there are so many rental places in the city that charge by the hour or usually $30 for the day. i'm an uptown girl so i start near the george washington bridge and ride along the water, it is such a beautiful site and if you're anything like me you sing obnoxious songs at the top of your lungs and bug the shit out of people :) if not you can just enjoy the view in peace (boring! just kidding, not!) now the bike ride itself can be the date or you can bike with a purpose. for example: bike to the village and pick up ice cream, bike to the boat basin for lunch and a drink, or bike to the movie to catch a breather before heading back home (what i did on my date, well after the ice cream...don't judge me i burned calories damnit!). or if you're feeling extra adventurous and really want to explore you can make your way over the brooklyn bridge, please note that if you do go from the george washington bridge all the way over the brooklyn bridge you might want to hop on the subway to get back home (if not i promise you will be numb for a solid 2 days after that ride). this date is so "new york" and you can do this throughout the fall as well!


nothing like a flat tire mid ride to spark romance


5. a "staycation"

gentleman this one is for you, listen carefully: if you prepare the below date for your lady be prepared to be on her good side for like forever (or at least until you do the next stupid thing or the next time she is pmsing). this is one of those stories that girls read about about and go running to her boyfriend "why don't you ever do this for me" and the boyfriend replies "that shits not real life, that only happens in movies"...well sorry boys this is real story. after moving out of my apartment the one i was so madly in love with i was overwhelmed with emotion (aka a hot ass emotional train wreck). one night i met my lovely date at a restaurant i wasn't sure why he chose this one in particular


 he ordered our appetizer; grilled calamari, a dish i had been craving for weeks and bitching about for the same amount of time because nobody served calamari grilled.

how thoughtful.

 then, after dinner he suggested we go get a drink so he lead the way to a super chic and beautiful hotel (

hudson hotel

) that had several different themed bars (garden bar, library bar, roof bar). already, i'm in awe at the beauty of this venue as i follow him to the bar of his choice. we get off the elevator and he opens a door and to my surprise it's a hotel room with my favorite candle lit and my favorite flower on the bed with a hand written card.

how thoughtful.

 i am really bad at accepting nice things and being all sweet and emotional and romantic but i said thank you and buried my head in the pillow so i could let out the biggest cheese smile. as if that wasn't enough i opened the closest to find a dress for me to change into the next day and all the toiletries i needed in the bathroom.

how thoughtful.

 all of that just to help me unwind and put a smile on my face during a stressful time.

how thoughtful.

so that date was obviously the

most thoughtful

 date of the summer and to date. 


and there you have it my loves! my top five dates of the summer! some i planned, some he planned, some were costly, some were under $10 but all in all they were all great. i hope you can use some of the ideas from above to create your own memories!