he likes me he really likes me!

disclaimer: i cannot stop laughing reading some of the responses i received for this post!

me and one of my girlfriends were chatting it up and we found ourselves on the topic of boys, obviously! boys are dumb but sometimes us ladies can be so darn silly i tell ya! i think that we get so caught up with being in love or having a guy in our lives (even if we know he's bad news) that we lose our common sense and standards and start mistaken the craziest things for love.

i recently asked the question "how can you tell if a guy likes you", here's what i got:

  • "he liked my picture on instagram" 
  • "he works full time and still finds time to reach out to me during the day" 
  • "he opens up to me and has made himself vulnerable" 
  • "he buys me things" 
  • "he kissed me during sex" 
  • "he's creative with dates. it's not always dinner and a movie" 
  • "we actually go out, we are not always in the apartment" 
  • "he introduces me to family and friends" 
  • "he doesn't tell anyone about me because he's very private and wants to keep me to himself" 
  • "invites me over for sleepovers even when i have my period" 
  • "he listens to everything i say and surprises me later. example i said i wanted to learn how to dance salsa a week later i found myself in the park with him taking salsa lessons"
  • "he comes over every weekend to spend time with me and sleep over after he's done partying" 
  • "he tells all his friends how good i am in bed" 
  • "he has me in his phone as "aunt sally" because that was his favorite aunt and he says i'm his favorite person" 
  • "he doesn't plan any dates for us because he likes being sponataneous" 
  • "we're not friends on social networks because it's our place to have "alone time" "
  • "he tells me babe you've gained a few pounds" 
  • "he always stands on the street side when we are walking" 
  • "he's willing to try my crazy adventures" 
  • "he has seen me without makeup and still stays with me"
  • "he told me i was one of the most beautiful people he's ever made out with" 
  • "we make out every single place we go in front of anybody he's not afraid to grab my ass not even in front of my mother" 
  • "he's super honest with me he even shows me x rated videos of him and his ex, we have no secrets"
  • "i'm always his drunk dial" 
  • "he let's me keep my toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in his bathroom" 
  • "we go to church together" 
  • "he says i give the best oral sex he's ever had" 
thanks for the laugh ladies! i sure do most of these were meant for me to laugh and not real thoughts!