frida kahlo exhibit

What a lovely weekend!  My mother, who is a huge fan of the NY Botanical Gardens, asked me and Jack to join her in visiting the Frida Kahlo exhibit.  I am not going to lie I did not have any real expectations as I didn’t know much about Frida other than she was a famous artist.  However, I was blown away by how amazing the entire exhibit was; the Botanical Gardens did an outstanding job!  I’m not really a museum or art junkie, at least not the traditional type but I was beyond engaged the entire time. They recreated Frida’s garden, had some of her art on display, live music, and a taco food truck that was letting off some banging smells (we didn’t make it there, but we’ll be back)! My favorite part was most definitely her garden which took us a solid two hours to cover; she had a rain forest, dessert, and “regular” garden to name a few so there was a lot of ground to cover. (Disclaimer: it was very hot and humid since there were a lot of tropical plants, so your hair is going to frizz!) The garden really awakened all of my senses: the bright colors, amazing smells, the sound of the tropical birds, and the feel of the heat made me feel like I was very far from the Bronx.

Do yourself the favor and purchase a ticket to experience this for yourself? I also love so much that something this amazing is in my hometown of the Bronx! I'm all about getting out there and doing something different so don't let me down and like always you can thank me later!