my all

I’m not sure if most folks know how this blog came to be, so let me tell you. First off, it started as "The Secret to Single" a place where I could share all of my awful dates that explained why I was single. i kept a journal of all of my dates; some being awful from the get others seemed great but then some drama stirred up. However, when it came time to launch the site and share my stories I met jack and what the f*ck we're still first date ever. I have shared a few of my stories but when I met him there was a positive love story to share. So while I have a pretty clutch love story of my own i still feel the desire to share my past because i know so many people can relate. So I’m going to start sharing the stories and thoughts I jotted down years ago. First up...My All!


I gave you my all. I gave you every ounce of me. 

I gave you my love, trust, respect, mind, body and soul.

Everything that I did, I did for you. Your happiness was my happiness...the only care I had.

I yearned for you to treat me the same way to feel the love I gave to you. 

I gave my all to you and left nothing for me. 

I get it now; you were following my lead and not loving me. 

ox jls