girl power

"yes i'm sexy, yes i'm fierce, yes i got this, yassss....and damn i look good for a thursday night!" i said it, i meant it and felt it, just like i do every other tuesday and thursday night along with an army of vixens. okay when i say every i mean the past 2 thursdays and tuesday but that is pretty damn consistent in my book not to mention the genuine excitement leading up to class. so what the hell is this vixen army that i haven't shut the hell up about? why am i dragging everyone i know with me?'s the shit! i have never felt so secure, confident and sexy while dripping in sweat and learning how to pop my booty and arch my back. sexy isn't my thing..."put on your sexy face" what do i do? cheese smile! but for the 60 minutes that i'm behind that door with the music blasting, energy high, and twerking my ass off i feel good as hell! about a week ago our trip to greece was confirmed (yum, yeah we're going to greece we'll discuss that later) and that was all the motivation i needed to drop the chips and burn some calories. but with the attention span of a 2 year old the gym is always a fail for me, not to mention all the machines are intimidating so i end up with the same boring routine and just try to avoid the creepy guys staring through my spandex. i needed something though, so my old roommate (who i can always count on to try new things and be fabulous) suggested we learn how to twerk and after a quick google search we discovered "vixen workout". i had heard of this workout via twitter and instagram but never considered it because ass doesn't pop like that. after watching a few videos and reading several reviews we decided it would be fun and at the bare minimum a great story for us to tell, so we signed up and purchased our first ticket to a vixen workout. the website suggested you look your finest: sneaker wedges, leggings, cute tanks, lipstick and hair down...when i packed my first bag for class my boyfriend questioned my honesty "that's what you're wearing to the gym?!". thank goodness we looked good walking into class because it made us work that much harder and feel that more confident oh and because we walked out looking like royal shit even though we feel great! we had no idea what to expect, we were so afraid we were going to be so lost and we were at times but so was everyone else (except a handful of girls who should get paid to dance as good as they do). However, it was a good lost, not many ladies nailed every move, but we all tried, we all worked, and we all broke a serious sweat. let me set the mood for you: we walked into a strobe light filled room, with club songs bumping, and a room full of confident and beautiful women of all sizes, shapes, and ages ready to drop it like it's hot. then, the instructor a fierce little mama who is part vixen instructor, part video chick, and part motivational speaker came out and made us chant "yes i'm sexy, yes i'm fierce, yes i got this, yassss....and damn i look good for a thursday night!" until we believed it! what's next is unreal the latest club songs started playing, we started singing, dancing, and moving our bodies in ways we didn't think it could move; the best part is everyone is only concerned with themselves! this feeling of euphoria and thrill carried on throughout the hour and when it ended we were soaked, beat, and high off life. a few ladies had calorie counters on and they ranged from 680-1000, i guess it depends on how involved you get...when in doubt twerk it out (not sure if i just came up with that, if i did...damn, that was good!) how could we not be addicted after that?! i am pretty damn good at painting a vivid picture with my words but there are no words that can fully capture what takes place during a vixen workout, that's something you have to experience for yourself. according to the founder janet jones (@janet_jones) the vixen workout is a place for the modern woman who works, has a family, and responsibilty can go to let loose, focus on only themselves and feel damn good!  oh and one more thing you know how I know these instructors are bomb...they're nominees for "hottest trainer 2014"! janet jones in racked miami and my instructor here in nyc meliza (@meliiiiimel)! vote janet: here and meliza: here


so I invite any of you ladies to join me for a night of booty popping, feel good, and sweat dripping fun! grab your sister, best friend, coworker or come solo! also, I'm pretty sure that my crew is going to get so big that we are gonna need private lessons! but if you join the only catch is you have to promise to not take and pictures or videos of me because if they surface and my boyfriend sees them it might scare him away! "yes i'm sexy, yes i'm fierce, yes i got this, yassss!"