the perfect saturday

well this weekend was just was low key, full of catching up with my besties, beautiful scenery, great convo, loads of love and some vino! one of my best friends came down from boston for some much needed "tripod" catching up (there are 3 of us, so we're like a tripod...get it?). we had big plans for a big weekend of catching up, drinking, and partying; we caught up...1 out of 3 ain't bad right? we didn't fail at tackling the three by choice, we really tried hard; we got decked out, hit the town, had a few sips of wine at dinner and called it a night...we tried. saturday we woke up to breakfast in bed by the boyfriend, damn he's good! it was super legit too; homemade stuffed french toast from scratch with strawberries and whipped cream. around 11 am the tripod headed out for a much needed catch up date and it was perfection. side note, life gets busy and 2 of us live in nyc while the other is in boston so it's not everyday we get to sit down together. but we make it our mission to meet up as much as we can and when we do we pick up right where we left off and spend hours (no exaggeration) on filling each other in on literally everything! and after we were done catching up the boyfriends met us and it was so amazing watching them bond because well...they're stuck with us. "if you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends".

this time i chose our date spot and not to toot my horn it was a freaking perfect. we went to wave hill a real life "secret garden" right in my backyard here in the riverdale section of the bronx; it is what i imagine heaven to look and feel like. you couldn't even imagine experiencing the beauty and tranquility that wave hill provides so your guaranteed to be blown away if you visit. there are gardens on top of gardens hidden between secret trails and behind greenhouses all just waiting to be discovered. it is the perfect place for any occasion but i would only share it with a loved one be it a parent, sibling, partner, and/or friend because it really is just that special. fellas, take your ladies here i promise she will love you forever (so long as you aren't an asshole)! wave hill is the perfect place for love and a proposal (::cough cough:: ::louder cough cough::). do yourself the favor and enjoy the beauty of nature, it's worth it!