if he liked it then he should of...

everyone in the world can finish that line! why? because it's been drilled into our brains since the day we were born, if a guy loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with a woman he buys her ring. and like everything else in this world "the bigger the better" right? i've had conversations with girls who "won't accept less than..." what does that even me? you spent years falling in love with someone who you consider spending forever with and having a family with but won't do it if the ring he buys you is not up to par? well, well, well perhaps we should reevaluate this situation. but than again most of those girls aren't even close to having someone who wants to spend forever with them...just saying! but i do know some ladies with some pretty heavy rocks on their finger that cost as much as a down payment on a home or a nice college fund for a future baby and while they're absolutely stunning rings it makes me wonder...could one have spent their money better? maybe i'm biased because i'm not into jewelry: i'm a big watch, studs, and a dainty necklace kind of girl. or maybe it's because i didn't grow up with a lot of money but a lot of love so the thought of wearing a couple thousand dollars on my finger to "prove love" seems bogus! i love the thought of the "symbol" which is why i always wanted an engagement band and then for the wedding we add another (than again i'm not very traditional).    recently me and the boyfriend have engaged in talks of the future: weddings, babies, homes...real grown up shit huh?! so weird! when i told him i wanted a band he responded with a chuckle and "yeah right! i'm not falling for that!" and i swore up and down that is what i wanted. he was so unconvinced he decided ring shopping was necessary and he picked some rings i had "pinned" and while i thought they were stunning i hated them on my hand, they just weren't for me.  before we left i tried on a black diamond band and fell in love...it suited me! still not convinced we took a trip to a ring designer who i loved anna sheffield due to her unique, vintage, and dainty designs and well i fell in love with a rock!  (side note: ring shopping was something i was always totally against. the way i saw it the person i know should a. know me enough to pick out something i like b. regardless what they get me it's about the love. wrong! how can someone know what you want when you don't even know, plus what you like in a picture is totally different than what looks good on you. it's like me trying to pull off a rihanna off "bitch sit down, you do not have riri's body!" and it's something that you have to wear forever, think about it...would your guy buy an ugly pair of sneakers you bought him every single day of his life just because you bought them...hell no!) i asked a few girls and most said "girl get the rock!" "it's an engagement ring, you need a rock!". while i would not mind running around with a rock on my hand i know that the rock doesn't define my relationship but damn it looks good! the band would symbolize that i'm "taken", won't break the bank as much, and it's different. but now to play devils advocate the ring is a symbol of the mans love and dedication to you and hell it might even boost his ego when people stop you to say "oh my god what a gorgeous ring!" he can sit there and be all "yeah! i did that!" 

ladies, would you say yes to a proposal without a ring?

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