date your (wo)man.

who doesn't love a good date night? hell! who doesn't need a good date night? a chance to get dolled up and spend some qt with the beau; sign me up! it's really important to never get too comfortable in your relationship. it's very easy to lose sight of what's really important; between long days at work, constant weekend plans, and a million things "to do" and people "to see" we cannot forget what is right in front of us. so take a day to turn off your phone or at least put it on silent (it's okay the world will not stop turning, twitter won't stop tweeting, and honestly nobody will even notice you're gone for a few hours) and focus solely on your relationship. catch up with your partner...what's going on in their life? how are they feeling? some of us are more in tuned and caught up with the kim kardashian's of the world rather than the person by your side. get in tune with each other and appreciate the love you share...fall in love again. i'm a firm believer that a great date isn't an expensive date, but i will never turn down a fancy night out either (it's nice to throw that in every once in a while too!). during the time i stepped away from social media i was trying to follow my own advice and decided to start posting date ideas! "babe we have to go on a date, it's for a post (hehe!)" oh and date night doesn't have to be at night make a day out of that shit!

date day: what do you get when you combine wine, lawn games, fire pit, picnic tables, no cell phone service and live music? if you said heaven you were right and heaven has a name robibero family winery. from the first phone call i fell in love; the gentleman i spoke with was warm, friendly, and said we could bring our pup! we packed a bag of goodies for the pup and for us, stopped by a deli for some sandwiches, picked up a zipcar and went on our merry way. robibero is about 90 minutes outside of the city which was the perfect amount of time to feel like we were away from everyone and everything. once we got there we were greeted by the families little pup "snickers" (an 8 year old 2 pound yorkie) and our own pup showered with hugs and kisses from everyone there. charlie was so loved that we were able to enjoy our $8 wine tasting (5 wines each) without having to worry about her. after our tasting we bought a bottle of wine and parked ourselves in the adirondack chairs with cheese and crackers and just took it all in. later on we relocated to the grass and laid out on our blanket to nap off the buzz...heaven. after a few hours we packed our bags, purchased a few bottles of wine for our own collection, and headed into town for some dinner. honestly, this was one of the best days we've had...we were able to "escape" and just be us and enjoy each other with no interruptions and lots of wine!

date night: now let's change gears (slightly), this time think: dolled up, candlelit space, live jazz, whiskey for days and a table for 2. this is not a scene i created in my mind this is real life, this is the flatiron room. again, there was great customer service which makes all the difference and really gets things started on a good foot. i surprised my whiskey loving lover with a fancy little date night behind these library doors, once you enter times stops in this old school whiskey looks like a scene out of beauty and the beast (probably not what my guy wants to hear but oh well!). we were seated at a round table for two right by the stage where a cuban jazz band was jamming, and the volume was loud enough to hear it crystal clear but low enough that we could hear each other speak using indoor voices. a very knowledge server greeted us with a million page whiskey menu which was beyond overwhelming for me but made the boy the all giddy. we decided on a flight of whiskey with 8 or 10 whiskeys from around the world, it's safe to say i grew hair on my chest that night (not sexy, i know) but again the boy was in his glory! once we finished the flight i pried to find out his favorite of the flight and secretly purchased him his own bottle of it, it gets better...they brought the bottle to the table with a tag that read his name and a black card with his name. see the thing is it really is a library, a whiskey library and now he has his own bottle of whiskey just for him and his guest(s) to drink from every single time he visits! such a great night, we were drunk and in love with the sounds of the bass all around us!