mai tai hair

i was blessed with gorgeous hair as a child, i'm talking beautiful, brown, bouncy shirley temple curls that women would kill for! until i was a teenager and became a rebel who did anything and everything to spite my mother such as dye my hair, except i couldn't afford hair dye so i bought a bottle of "sun-in", poured it on my entire head and blow dried the orange all up in was all downhill from there. in an attempt to get rid of the orange i was forced to actually dye my hair which became an addition from the age of 13 til about 4 months ago, i would literally have a different hair color every month and every year it was guaranteed that i went from blonde to brunette and everything in between. now as if that wasn’t bad enough when i entered the glamorous world of fashion my boss made and executive decision/strong suggestion that i get a keratin treatment because my curly hair was “unprofessional”, being young, naive and scared i did it…rest in peace goldie locks! at that point i lost all hope in restoring my natural beautiful locks my hair was dead. there were no more natural good hair days, if i wanted a good hair day i had to spend over an hour blowing drying and taking a curling iron to it…so it was getting more damaged not to mention i hated having to spend that much time getting ready! the days of washing it, throwing in some curl cream, throwing it in a bun overnight to wake up with perfect curls were over! so in february i decided to chop off my boob length hair and start fresh with a bob…a bit dramatic i know…deal with it. the chop definitely brought on good health but my hair still wasn’t the same so i had to learn relearn how to do it which was a pain for a girl like me who hates difficult and time consuming beauty regimens. this is where birchbox became my best friend  i received samples of all the best products out there. my biggest issues with hair products other than cost is they tend to make my hair feel yucky, sticky, heavy, and at times grease without giving it any definition. until yesterday when i tried my favorite hair peeps drybar’s newest product: mai tai spritzer (which happens to be my favorite drybar blowout)!  here’s my “how to”: 1) wash hair. 2) spritz the mai tai all over your damp mane. 3)throw it in a bun while you sleep. 4) let it out, shake it out and look fab! seriously that’s how easy and quick it was because i obviously wouldn’t have done it otherwise. my hair was light, soft, had perfect beach waves, and smelled so damn good (you would think my hair normally smells awful the way my boyfriend was obsessing over it)!  it’s the perfect summer hair product without a doubt, because i don’t know about you but i especially hate using heat on my hair in the summer. it’s beach hair without the beach! a definite must have. the lovelies at dry bar were also sweet enough to send me an extra bottle of the mai tai spritzer for one of my readers: simply follow @jlsolivan/@thedrybar/@birchbox, like and comment with your favorite drybar blowout. for additional entries share on any of the following social media outlets: instagram, twitter, pintrest and/or facebook. good luck! the winner will be announced on monday!

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