nobody forgets valentine's day!

"I forgot it was Valentine's Day, I haven't celebrated it in years", he's not a complete liar he probably hasn't celebrated it in years but guess what nobody forgets it is Valentine's Day! Every social network feed is bound to have at least 5 Valentine's Day meme even if it's bashing the day, the media is flooded with Valentine ads, and every single store in America is throwing up pink and red hearts for Valentine's nobody forgets it's Valentine's Day. It is 100% a Hallmark holiday but guess what it's still a holiday! There is no need to make reservations at a fancy restaurant in the city and spend $200 on a "prix fixe" menu or send 2 dozen long stemmed roses for $120 to a girl who may not even like flowers just because it's Valentine's Day. Regardless a guys stance on Valentine's Day if he's into you he's doing something: a handmade card, ordering food and a movie on the sofa with a single rose, or the extreme night out and 2 dozen long stemmed roses. It's a harsh reality to face but it's the truth, when a guy is into you he shows it. Unfortunately, in this new age dating there are some many games played, so many mixed signals, so many options etc that it's hard to tell where you are with someone. Here are a few lines that should let you know he's just not that into you this Valentine's Day:

  1. "I forgot it was Valentine's Day, I haven't celebrated it in years!"
  2. "Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday, I don't believe in it!"
  3. "I have to work/wake up early the next day so I can't be out that late on the 14th."
  4. "Me and my boys are hitting a bar, I didn't even realize it was Valentine's Day."
  5. "Damn. I'm going to be stuck at work all night!"
  6. "This Friday?! No way! My alma matar is playing our biggest rivals on the 14th I have to watch that game!"
  7. "Sorry, I can't see you on Valentine's Day. I spend Valentine's Day with my mom every's tradition."
  8. "Valentine's Day reminds me too much of my ex, she was obsessed with it so I don't want to celebrate it ever again!"
  9. "I have the flu!"
  10. He simply does nothing!

When in the moment and your vision is all blurred all of the above excuses become excusable and justifiable but they're not, they're excuses! When people want something they go after it no games and no BS! Remember nobody forgets Valentine's Day, he's just not that into you!