emotional recovery

pardon my ghost like behavior the past few months, i was going through some deep shit and needed to focus on family and myself. my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, so i dropped everything and focused on her and my family; it was such a shocker i didn't know what else to do but be there. then grandpa got sick shortly after that and as you know he passed...that happened during mom's radiation treatments, so yeah it was a lot. losing grandpa hurt bad, it still hurts...i still can't look at pictures of him because i can't bare to cry anymore. however, grandpa's passing brought me and my father closer...he finally said sorry for leaving, i needed to hear that so bad! mom kicked ass and is done with radiation, we even got to island hop in greece and see the pope in rome

i learned a hard lesson in that "tomorrow is never promised" is more than just a saying, it's a reality. so i have been trying extra hard to really spend quality time with my inner circle and not take any time with my loved ones for granted. given the fact that i'm nowhere near perfect i haven't quite found balance but i'm working on it! a lot of great things have happened in the time that i've taken to work on my relationships: a new apartment that we are making home (watch out for tons of home posts and diy projects), a new car, a promotion, charlie is in day care, and happiness is starting shine through more a little more consistently. 

thank you everyone who has send good vibes my way. and thanks to those of you who read my vent sessions.

ox jls