imagine watching your favorite party go from a venue that holds 100 people to a venue that holds 1100 people! 

imagine a party so amazing that people literally schedule their life around it every single month!

imagine hundreds of the wildest party people you've ever encountered on a plane to miami to well...party, duh!   

imagine a group of dudes watching their dreams of throwing the perfect party unfold! 

well stop imagining because those right there are facts! 

the creators of #brunchbounce really outdid themselves this time, those boys really know how to throw a party! who would have thought that the small "house party" at a local nyc lounge would turn into a 800 person rage in one of miami's hottest venues! that goes to show you what hard work, dedication, and really dope music will get you. the brunch bounce name has spread like wild fire, so much that people who live in miami were texting me to let me know about the party. "hey jacq i saw you were in miami (thanks to ig), not sure what your plans are for the weekend but you should definitely check out this party tomorrow it's going to be off the hook! www.brunchbounce.com" umm duh that's why i traveled 1300 miles! 

i really didn't know what to expect with the miami edition of brunch bounce. obviously i knew there would be good music, i'd know a few people, and we'd have fun. but as an insider who has watched the party go from 100 folks at apt 78 to debuting at the clevelander i was almost nervous to see the outcome, i wanted nothing but success for the brunch bounce crew. the party was set to start at 11am and that's when my "#brunchbounce" hunt started on instagram, it was the calm before the storm, the perfect picture to set the mood...a gorgeous venue, a few gorgeous people, a dance floor waiting to be torn up, and a dj booth ready for musical magic! 

when i arrived with my party of 15, a mix of miami natives and new york vacationers the show had begun! more gorgeous people with amazing energy, a pool full of inflatable toys and party people beating the heat with amazing energy, the blue dance floor was full of folks battling it out for the best dance moves with amazing energy, and djs with sets that were so amazing one couldn't help but feel the beat and have amazing energy! so in case you missed it the energy was amazing! with 800 people one would think there would be at least one dramatic episode but nope not here, shoot people were even sharing beers (call it good energy or drunkenness, regardless it was amazing)! 

the miami folks seemed to be in awe at what was happening around them, a mix of culture shock and "holy shit, these new york folks were not joking...#brunchbounce gets down!". the new yorkers were high off life and seemed to be partying on cloud nine! our favorite party, with our favorite djs, surrounded by our favorite people, and in miami dude, we were so happy that even rain couldn't rain on our parade (or party)! from start to finish the crowd was smiling, dancing, drinking, and living a dream. 

i am so glad i was able to experience #brunchbouncemiami, it was everything and more! what's next for the brunch bounce team? 

check out this ridiculously sick video by Derick G

you're going to be so ready to party with the brunch bounce crew after this party, so until the next party tune into #brunchbounceradio


Source: http://brunchbounce.com