work it!

while I love my blog because it allows me to vent and be me and love all my followers even more because you support my ridiculous ways this girl right here was over not being able to splurge at target anymore. so i finally accepted a job offer and became an event planner for bowlmor lanes and i must say i love it! i didn’t want to share the deets too early on because well what if i hated it? but nope i absolutely love it! i work for a bowling alley that plays great music, serves booze, and awesome food! the team of girls working here genuinely like each other; i’m used to a work environment where everyone pulls conversation out of their ass just to “talk” and the second anyone walks out the room they shit talk that person. so like if you had to pee you better hold it because if you were the first to leave “omg did you see her hair? ugh she wears the ugliest shoes ever!” but here these chicks actually like each other, it’s so refreshing!! there is not cattiness, when someone is pmsing it’s announced and the moodiness is understood and respected but other than that we’re good; we don’t fight over clients in fact we help each other, we willingly get drinks together after work, and we even share our makeup and fashion secrets (you’d be shocked at how many girls hold that information hostage)! but seriously i’m so in love with what i’m doing; there is sales involved which is my expertise and i spend all day talking to people and making sure they are happy! i plan everything from children’s parties to nights out for nfl players (wink wink! jk i have a boyfriend! whatever who said i can’t look at the menu, i just won’t eat! sorry babe! ok done!) i even get the occasional bachelor/bachelorette party, it’s awesome! not to mention i now know how to bowl without holding the ball in two hands in a squat position like a 5 year old although i had more sex appeal that way. so yay for me finding a job that i love and allows me to happy! if anyone out there is looking to plan a party let me know and i’ll help you out!

ox jls