dear santa,

i've mentioned quite a few times that i love gift giving so i won't say it again...ha, i just did! i'm a complete weirdo though because as much as i love giving gifts i'm awful at receive them. i just really don't like people spending money on me, it's like i feel guilty receiving gifts. but because i don't want to be the annoying person who always answers "oh nothing" to the age old question "what do you want for christmas" i decided to put my wish list on here!

absolutely obsessed with these three jane map necklaces! you pick any place on a map and that location is put on a dainty gold necklace. i would love one of these with the street i grew up on in the bronx, so i never forget where i came from. or to be a little romantic a map necklace from my boyfriend with the place we had our first date or even our first kiss! can you even deal with that?!

i am super old school when it comes to my to-do lists and random notes, i write everything down! i've tried using the notepad on my phone and computer, i've even downloaded the post it application on my phone but nothing gets the job done like good ol' pen and paper. i almost always have a notebook on me and i'll admit it's kind of annoying because it takes up a decent amount of space in my bag. i have found the solution to me note taking ocd! a paperback phone case! i can handwrite all my notes on the back of my phone, which i always have on me (obviously)!

i literally just discovered this one, like while writing this post! i love taking pictures and capturing moments. so while you get ready to make a ton of new memories in 2014 why not take a second everyday to reminisce on the great moments of 2013 with a 2014 daily calendar staring your 2013 pictures! each day of this calendar will be one of your 2013 instagram pictures! genius! and when the day is done you can tear the picture off and hang it, give it away, or (heart breaks) toss it! 

get me an experience! something to do whether it's old news or new! i religiously get manis and pedis, feel free to go to my nail lady (don't try sending me anywhere other than my nail lady) and pay for my next mani and pedi! or get crazy and help me face my fear of heights and sign me up for a lesson at the trapeze school of nyc! or you know how i keep complaining that my arms are fat and waking up with a flat stomach doesn't happen to frequently and how i don't know how to chill out and relax and how my body is always achy...get me a few yoga classes! people keep telling me i should try it but i'm probably never going to sign myself up!

 omg how did blake lively's gorgeous engagement ring get in here?! ;) 

omg how did blake lively's gorgeous engagement ring get in here?! ;) 

remember that oxblood "sweat her weather" sweater that i got a few months back? the one i have been seen in over a hundred times and am completely ok with...well yeah destiny of vain jane brought it back in different colors! and she added a "tell them i sent you" tee, ha genius! perfect for a smart ass trendy gal like myself! 

that's my list! personal gifts for my corky little spirit!