Birth Story

On 7/20/2017 at 10:51pm our lives were forever changed when our baby finally arrived. A healthy and beautiful baby girl (Kennedy Kay Solivan) was born weighing in at a whopping 10.5 pounds!

Here's how it went down! Well first a little back story:

7/5: My mucus plug fell out, in the parking lot of a diner...the pregnancy glamour continues.

7/6: I had my weekly OB appointment where I found out I was 2 cm dilated and 70 or 80% effaced (I forget, shocker)

7/11: Went to the hospital with a terrible stomach ache, turns out I was having contractions and didn't know it. I opted to go home because I was still only 2 cm dilated and did not want to stay in the hospital for possibly days and get induced. After leaving the hospital I prayed that my water would break (apparently that doesn't happen too often) because if I wasn't feeling contractions I was afraid that I wouldn't know I was in labor until it was too late and I would become a viral video "woman gives birth in car".

7/6-7/19: SLOWEST TWO WEEKS EVER, HOLY SHIT!!!!! The last two weeks felt just as long as the entire pregnancy combined, especially because the plug came out and I was dilated...we were on edge. Hell we even had family/friends come in from out of town to visit the baby, except the baby never showed up.

Okay now that we are caught up, let's get this story started. At 4pm on 7/19 I called Jack because I felt the stomach ache again; I told him no need to come home just an FYI. When he got home we decided to go out for a date night, I even put mascara and blush on (big deal!!)! I felt a little off while at dinner and Jack definitely sensed it, he asked "do you think today is the day" and I told him I thought so. Come 2am I woke up with the stomach ache pain (aka contractions), Jack asked if I wanted to go to the hospital but I opted out of it because I was still able to walk and talk (I wanted to spend as little time as possible at the hospital, while the pain was bearable). The discomfort continued and kept me up until 5am at which point I found the most bizarre position to doze off in and then at 5:30am POP by water broke! I jumped out of bed and calmly told Jack and he too jumped out of bed; then the waterfall just continued to pour out of me (there goes that pregnancy glamour again). Instead of running out the door I decided to attempt to "get ready" (shower, do my hair, make a few calls, and send a few "it's happening" text) BUT between Jack and my mom they told me to get my ass in the car and to the hospital...I was so bitter that I didn't get to shower or do my hair (but best believe I packed my flat iron in my hospital bag). On our way to the hospital I asked Jack to stop at Starbucks, he didn't (smh). 

Moving along, we got to the labor and delivery VIP entry and walked on in (after taking a selfie). We were both in great spirits and very calm (I sniffed Rosemary Oil like I was getting paid, it was heaven sent) as we were admitted, the wait was finally over! We were  admitted at 6:30am but I was still only about 2 cm dilated in active labor, by 10:30am I was 8 cm dilated and holy shit were those contractions very different from the ones I had in the middle of the night. Side note I wanted to go natural aka no drugs to help the pain which was cool for a while but after HOURS and HOURS at 8 cm I was starting to question my all natural mind set. I spent most of my labor in a hot shower which was a huge help; the nurses and Jack were coaching me, massaging my back, and shoving rosemary oil in my face. As the day/evening progressed I started getting visitors who were there in hopes of seeing Kennedy but instead they got a front row seat to me in labor (that's love); at that point I didn't give a rats ass about who was in the room and who saw what I was just focused on getting through the contractions (aka terrible pain). The nurses said I would give birth by lunch, come the end of their shift (7pm) I was STILL in labor and still 8cm dilated!! I have video footage of me in labor and it can probably be played in schools across America to prevent teen pregnancy. While I was in a shit ton of pain I was insanely calm and peaceful; I didn't curse not once and well if you haven't noticed by my writing I have a trucker mouth. I spent the entire labor yelling things like "OH SUGAR" and "HOLY FUDGE" the nurses thought I was an angel from heaven meanwhile Jack was wondering what happened to the woman he made a baby with LOL!! 

After my nurses left the doctor came in and gave me the devastating news that if no progress was made within the next 2 hours I would have to be taken in for a c section because of the baby's heart rate. Not only did the baby's heart rate start acting funny but I broke out into a 101 fever so I had to get an emergency c section; for the first time that day I had a break down...I DID NOT WANT A C SECTION but I knew I needed to oblige for the sake of the baby. Thinking back I was probably also full of emotion because now I knew my baby would be coming and SOON! Now to get a c section I needed to get drugged up obviously and they did that with an epidural, good times! As they wheeled me off to the operating room I said my goodbyes to my family and friends as Jack stayed by my side until it was time to get setup in OR then they made him wait outside. Those few minutes that I was without him in that ice cold bright white room were so scary; I was shaking with fear, nerves, and emotion. 

Once I heard his voice "Babe I'm here" and felt his hand on my forehead I felt better; still a wreck but between his presence and the heavy drugs I got through it. Shortly after he got in the room someone in the room said "Dad get up, get your camera ready, you're about to meet your baby" (Geez, I just cried.a little at my laptop) and I could hear Jack's voice shaking "Oh ok ok" then came the cry of our baby!! "Dad what is it? What is it dad? Dad tell mom what it is!" Jack was doing the gender reveal but was in such a daze he kind of took a while to tell me "It's a girl baby, we had a girl, hello Kennedy! OMG she has so much hair! You did it baby! I love you!"! (And I'm crying again) "OMG Jacqueline you just gave birth to a toddler she's GINORMOUS (no joke the doctor said ginormous at least 7 times while in OR), wow she must be a good 9 pounds" NOPE, Miss Kennedy Kay Solivan was TEN POUNDS AND 5 OUNCES...what in the world!!! The entire OR went nuts when they announced her weight, actually the entire labor and delivery until went wild and fell in love with the chubby cheek, full head of highlighted locks baby girl...she was hit! 

And that is the story of Miss Kennedy Kay's birth. The love is unreal!!