Pee or Water?

"Hi, so I'm not sure how to ask this but here goes nothing...I either just peed my pants or something else just leaked out of me."; those words actually came out of my mouth this weekend! One would think that at 30 years old I would know the difference between different bodily fluids but at 38 weeks pregnant I have officially lost all control of body and logic. At this point in the game I seriously cannot tell the difference between: piss, sweat, water, or discharge (there is no such thing as TMI when it comes to pregnancy so I'm not apologizing for the language) it all seems the same to me! 

So yeah we had our first scare (hoping there are no more scares, it triggered some major anxiety) this weekend; we thought Bebe Solivan was going to join us in this world. While attempting to try on a dress at the Gap (it was a Zara dress that I had just bought because I had zero patience for the long Zara fitting room line, holy side track!) I literally started leaking/dripping...I'm talking drops of liquid on the damn changing room floor!! Jack was in the fitting room next to me and thought I was calling him over to check out my outfit...WRONG!! "Babe I'm leaking" I said calmly but with a look of terror as I flashed my very unattractive undergarments and pointed to the wet spots on the floor. God bless Jack for having the ability to stay calm for my sanity in every damn situation although this time I definitely noticed an eye bulge occur haha. I went to the bathroom to check out the scene but like I mentioned above I can't tell the damn difference between any of my GD bodily fluids anymore so that served zero purpose other than releasing my never not empty bladder. Jack suggested we go home but there was a Chick-Fil-A at the mall and I was not about to miss out on that even though I was having a minor panic attack thinking "this is the day". Before heading home we decided to stop by Best Buy to buy a Go Pro (and head strap) because we are either super sentimental or sick in the head and want to record the moment. Our priorities weren't completely jacked up, I did call the doctor who made me feel much better about not knowing the difference between pissing my pants and water fact she said "that's normal" and told me I could have a slow leak and just to monitor the leakage and baby's movement. Needless to say we were on edge the rest of the day even as I "Cha Cha Slide(d)" my behind off at my cousins wedding that night (listen, my grandma said the more active I am the easier this baby will come out) hell I even kayaked and fished the next day (found some nice rocks to give birth on just in case). 

I mentioned it in a previous post nothing about not knowing the gender has stressed me out BUT not knowing


But like my bodily fluids, it is out of my control so all we can do is wait. The  carseat is in place and hospital bags are packed and ready to go, 38 weeks down who knows how many to go!