Gender Reveal

"HE OR SHE WHAT WILL IT BE?" that was the name of my Pintrest board dedicated to gender reveal ideas long before having a baby was even a topic of conversation. Then, I got pregnant and suddenly all that planning went right out the window, just like every other plan I had (I am starting to get the idea that plans are kind of a joke during this time). The decision to not find out the gender actually wasn't even up for discussion; when we found out I was pregnant we both just knew we didn't want to find out. In the back of my mind I think the lost of the first pregnancy and the challenges we faced brought on our complete certainty in that decision. I'm not sure, I just know it's the perfect decision for us. It's really funny because a solid 98% of the people around us are going crazy with us not finding out the gender. Outside of them simply wanting to know they cannot believe that a control freak planner like myself is not dying to know so I can "prepare".  Luckily, this mama is a neutral freak in both decor and clothing so it's not changing anything on my end; the nursery nook (not doing a whole room just yet) will be perfect for a little lady or gentleman and as far as clothes I'm thinking they'll be living in yummy white onesies for a little while (with a touch of greys, ivory, and navy).

Here is the way we see it: In today's world we have instant gratification to anything and everything, so there really are no surprises in life. That combined with my inability to be surprised (that control freak thing I mentioned earlier) makes this moment one of life's very few surprises.

With that Bebe Solivan Gender Reveal: July 2017!