November 1

Holy Shit! I'm pregnant! Like the line is STRONG there is no second guessing if the test result is positive, that shit is positive. Holy Shit! I have major butterflies right now, actually I have had butterflies for about a week along with hot flashes now I'm wondering if those were symptoms? Ahh!! I feel really good vibes this time around (in case you didn't know I miscarried earlier this year after trying for about 2 years, read about it here) but I cannot help but be anxious until I see a doctor and he tells me all is good in there. 

My mind is going a million miles an hour, I wasn't obsessing this go around and actually almost put it on hold...well maybe not on hold but came to terms that what's meant to be will be and had it in my mind that NOW wasn't my time to be a (human) momma. I cannot believe how damn strong those positive lines were, does that mean high hormones? Jeez, I hope not I'm already too sensitive and emotional...oh my goodness poor Jack LMFAO!

Dear God, thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful partner.  We are the perfect balance; he's very calm and chill (which sometimes drives me crazy) while I'm outgoing and sassy. However; we both are warm, loving, and nurturing human beings who love family, friends, and children; we love hosting people in our home and showing them new things. While he knows how to handle me for the most part I ask you Lord to please watch over him and protect him from any of my potential wackiness...I'll need him to stick around, ha!

I honestly do not even know where to start: doctors, nutrition, fitness (I really want to attempt a fit pregnancy), names, a nursery, etc. In case you didn't get the memo I am a control freak yet we have decided not to find out the gender (we decided that a while back) because it doesn't matter to us, we just want a healthy baby and look forward to the surprise the day he/she is born. There are so many things going through my mind: nursery, names, baby shower, HOW THE HELL TO RAISE A DECENT HUMAN BEING!!! That right there is my biggest concern and focus, it is also my biggest fear; other than keeping this little being alive and healthy I have to ensure that he/she is a decent human being. 

As of now my symptoms are super minimal and really comparative to PMS (cramping, bloating, and tender boobies) with the exception of sleepiness, hot flashes, peeing nonstop, and constipation (I can't poop and it's pissing me off). I'm really looking forward to being pregnant (so far) and watching my body transform and perform the miracle of life. 

Ah I'm going to be a Mommy!