Holy Hormones

Jesus, what is happening to me? Oh yeah I'm pregnant! Everyday I'm looking up something new on the web: nipples on fire, super emotional, nausea, super emotional, non stop urination, super emotional, lack of appetite, super emotional, bloating, super emotional, mouth tastes like pennies, super emotional, exhausted. The answer I get for each search result: pregnancy symptom due to hormones; well fuck you hormones. I have a love hate relationship with these symptoms; I am excited to experience symptoms because I love the idea of pregnancy and they are a result of this beautiful miracle BUT holy shit they are hard on the body. What blows my mind is how quickly my body shifted to pregnant, like I feel "just pregnant" like I JUST got pregnant so how the hell can I be experiencing all this already?! Well according to the 8 pregnancy apps I've downloaded (no exaggeration) these first few weeks (aka the first trimester) is the most intense because the body is on hormone crack prepping for this little nugget. Physically it's the equivalent to a man mountain climbing 7 hours a day, which I 100% believe because I am insanely exhausted...I'm talking face and pillow full of drool exhausted! If there was one symptom I could give back it would be the hyper sensitivity and emotions, I am already a sensitive and emotional human being so throwing in all these extra hormones...JESUS! Last week was rough, I literally lost my shit because Jack spilled juice on the sofa...LOST.MY.SHIT!! I got so cray, Jack looked like a deer in headlights and I swear I saw the comic book thought bubble pop up "THIS BITCH IS FUCKING PSYCHO" (I sure was!). It took us a few days to regroup and simmer down so we could have an adult conversation to discuss what was up and I thank goodness that is behind us now. I'm so glad I can laugh about crying over spilled "milk". I guess this is pregnancy lol.

Cheers to the next 8 months!